Welcome To The Indian Ridge Subdivision


Thank-you for attending the annual meeting on Saturday, July 8th 2017. Please don't stop there with adding your two cents on how this place should be run! Making good relationships with other property owners helps build a healthy mountain community. Don't know where to start? Jump over to the contact page to meet some friendly folks and tell us what you think.

At the meeting, Ann Atkin was re-elected to the board. We also sold POA-owned lots A-23 and Q-47 and those funds went into road work where we have grubbed out the K roads and put in culverts.

The road committee has been doing their best to identify and address the roads in need of reshaping and culvert replacement. It is well under way, but it will be quite some time before all of the roads are ship-shape. Please excuse the mess for now, things should be looking up in the long run. Please be advised many of the roads will be muddy immediately after rainstorms.

As we get to spend time on our beautiful mountain, we need to remember two yearly projects that require our attention to keep the mountain looking its best. Please remember that all owners have the responsibility of killing all thistles on all of their lots as early as possible to prevent them from flowering and spreading. We also request that you continue to work on the removal of dead trees on your lots. If there is enough interest from lot owners, there are some groups, viz., boy scouts, who might be willing to remove dead wood for free if they are allowed to keep the wood. Please let us know at the meeting if you are interested.

We have planned a winter party at the Indian Ridge Lodge on the last Saturday of January. Pray for snow and there'll be sledding before and after the potluck at noon.

Please let us know if you would like to receive information from the POA by email instead of USPS. We will add you to our list. Let the savings continue!!! Email us at IndianRidgePOA@gmail.com