Welcome To The Indian Ridge Subdivision

About the Indian Ridge Subdivision

From the far south-west corner of the Indianola Valley's floor, the Indian Ridge Subdivision rises about halfway up Mt. Baldy near Fairview, UT. A thirty-five minute drive from Spanish Fork, Indian Ridge is right between the spectacular Nebo Loop by Mt Nebo and numerous hiking trails, fishing lakes, and other attractions accessed from Skyline Drive in the gorgeous Manti-LaSal National Forest.

Indian Ridge is divided into many properties, most of which are close to an acre. Owners with land for sale may contact us to have it listed on the Properties for Sale page. We are now seeing a rise in land value and participation in the subdivision that took a hit after the devastating Wood Hollow Fire four years ago. Limited utilities are available, and some properties are already equipped with water and telephone connections. All power is self-generated through solar, wind, or generator as there is no commercial power supplied to the subdivision. If you are considering the purchase of land in this area, make sure your contract is on paper in great detail and visit the property, positively identifying the one you're interested in. Almost everyone you meet in Indian Ridge would be more than happy to help you do this, or at least point you in the right direction. You might even get some questions answered down at the lodge below the subdivision.

We have some of the best neighbors in the world up on this mountain and in the neighboring subdivisions. The renewed interest on the mountain has lent incredible insight on some of the wonderful people around here and brought new ones in who are already proving themselves to be outstanding contributors to this remarkable community.

The Property Owner's Association (POA) helps regulate responsible use of property, maintains roads and common areas, and collects dues for the furthering of these goals. The POA is overseen by eligible members who are elected to the POA Board of Directors (The Board). Every owner with at least one paid up lot can run for a place on The Board and/or vote for a candidate, and each additional paid-up lot counts for another vote. Association fees are reasonable at only $7.50/month per lot. If you own property and want a say in how the POA runs, make sure that you are paid up. If you need help or believe there is an error in your records, you may contact the Treasurer.

Board elections are made during POA meetings held on the second Saturday of each July. Please refer to the Homepage to see the time and location of the next meeting.

The Water Department maintains the water system that is in place and oversees new connections. If your property is connected, there will be fees associated with it to cover expenses incurred by maintenance and use. To learn more about connecting into it, contact the Water Board's Operator.

Thank-you everybody who is helping this community work!

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